What We Do

The OSC Charitable Foundation supports community organizations across Western New York through financial support and jobs training.

Financial Support

The OSC Charitable Foundation dedicates a generous yearly commitment of funds to be given out to selected charities.


OSC Charitable Foundation:

Connecting People to Opportunities for a Better Life

OSC began their charitable giving 23 years ago when the company was first formed. Initially, OSC’s philanthropy was not focused on any specific groups or causes but rather relied on organizations approaching the company through business relationships. However, in May 2014, OSC made a conscious decision to formalize the way in which they supported charitable causes. They established the OSC Charitable Foundation and dedicated a yearly commitment of funds that would be given out to selected charities. Heather Williams became the foundation’s first Executive Director, meeting with every charity that OSC supported to understand their mission and how they would steward the donated funds.

The foundation partners with individuals and organizations to help those in need, particularly on Buffalo’s East Side. Their philanthropic investments aim to connect people to experiences and opportunities that will help them develop a better life.

Recent examples of their partnerships include constructing an administrative office and classroom space for GreenForce Workforce Development group and building a new location for the SNUG Program, in partnership with Back to Basics Ministries, to help at-risk youth.